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Metamorphosis helps Ontarians recover from addiction with our residential and online programming. We are a family owned and operated addiction treatment facility, our family is here to help your family. Let’s chat!

Inpatient addiction treatment

The more enjoyable an addiction recovery program is for a client, the more likely they will be able to achieve sobriety that lasts and lasts. Metamorphosis understands as much, which is why we have worked tirelessly to create an addiction treatment center that feels like a home. When you are staying with us to participate in our inpatient rehab programs in Ontario, you’ll feel like this is a second home. Maybe that’s why we insist on seeing our clients like they were family members?

Learn More About Residential Treatment

Upon completing a drug detox program, our clients can immediately enroll in our inpatient rehab program. In this program, our clients are able to enjoy a safe, stable, and medically monitored living environment where they can begin their recovery journey without worry or stress. The residential treatment program is located in Wasaga, Ontario.

Unlike most other recovery clinics across the country, we offer a genuinely inviting atmosphere. Nice chairs and frozen meals just don’t cut it. At Metamorphosis, you will probably be surprised at just how warm, welcoming, refreshing, and lavish our facility and options are.

Courtesy Pick-Up for Residential Treatment Clients

Your treatment can start before you even get here thanks to our courtesy client pick-up, available to clients who enroll in our residential treatment program. We can send a vehicle to pick you up from your home as long as you live within a 5-hour drive distance of our Wasaga treatment facility, even if you live in Ottawa, London, or Toronto. Of course, this amazing service is no-cost to you.

Why Should You Choose Our Inpatient Rehab Center in Ontario?

Did you know that the risk of relapse after a recovery increases sharply if a client completed medical detox and that’s it? To help give yourself a stronger chance of fighting off relapse triggers, you should attend our short-term residential program as the next step toward lasting recovery and sobriety.

In addition to around-the-clock addiction treatment support, residential clients will receive many hours of counseling treatments each week. This treatment schedule allows you to kickstart your recovery, rest, relax, and focus on the path ahead.

We usually recommend residential care for people who:

  • Feel strong urges to continue using an addictive substance.
  • Want close, professional monitoring to help keep them on track.
  • Demonstrate “consequential” addictive behavior.
  • Struggle with withdrawal management.
  • Have preexisting, comorbid medical conditions that worsen their addiction.

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When in an inpatient treatment program at Metamorphosis, you can enjoy a variety of program services. You can also enjoy planned recreational activities that help keep you accountable and focused on the goal of sobriety. We have all the tools here to allow you to succeed, but the real strength to live sober comes from within.

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