Anxiety Disorder Treatment in Ontario

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Anxiety Disorder Treatment

When your day-to-day life is paralyzed or effected your life negatively by anxiety a Residential program at Metamorphosis may be the next best option for you.

Everybody feels anxious from time to time and may show symptoms of anxiety. But these feelings are generally momentary and not persistent. It is an evolutionary answer of the human body to stressful situations. The level of anxiety is not the same for everyone and our coping mechanism may differ. However, some people experience anxiety more severe than others and they may need an anxiety disorder treatment plan. Because the distress caused by their anxiety is not short term and creates a negative effect on their personal and professional lives, affecting work, study or social situations.

Anxiety Disorder Treatment and Statistics

Statistics show that approximately one in twenty people has an anxiety disorder at any given time, and different anxiety disorders can also be present in an individual at one time. In general, these types of disorders make the afflicted feel fearful, worried and tense most of the time and persist long-term despite changes in their personal or professional life. The causes of the anxiety can imprison the person in their thoughts, despite often being minor in nature.

Different Types of Anxiety

There are many different types of anxiety disorder, and one could experience its physical symptoms easily:

Generalized Anxiety Disorder Diagnosis and Treatment

People who experience generalized anxiety disorder (people with GAD) often worry about a lot of things. They mind daily minor things for a long period of time. This excessive worry results in many physical symptoms like muscle tension, sleep disorder, concentration problems and these are some of the most encountered symptoms of GAD.

Social Anxiety Disorder Treatment

People with social anxiety disorder (social phobia) have a hard time being in social situations. They always fear of being embarrassed in front of other people, especially speaking in a group or meeting. They fear the attention and almost always look for a way to escape it/ While they feel someone will ask them to speak about something, they start to blush and sweat excessively with a fast heart rate.

Anxiety Disorder Treatment and Addiction Treatment

Anxiety affects many people and their social skills for a happy life. The side effects are easily observed by others and this creates the need for treating anxiety in a highly connected society.  An intensive, evidence-based treatment for social anxiety and GAD is important for successful, long term recovery and happiness. Our renowned experts will design your anxiety disorder treatment program specific to your needs by utilizing techniques like Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT). If anxiety symptoms interrupt your life and threaten to derail your progress, or if worrying about anxiety symptoms affects your life and fuel your addiction, you may suffer from a concurrent disorder. Anxiety disorder treatment at our inpatient, outpatient or virtual programs focuses on the individual and aims to help reduce symptoms of anxiety so that it no longer dominates your life as a concurrent disorder. Our lifelong aftercare program ensures that you always receive the necessary support after your graduation from our programs.  Anxiety disorders can make you feel like the most negative possible outcome is going to happen, but at Metamorphosis, you will find hope.

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