Financing Benefits at Metamorphosis Centre for Change

At Metamorphosis Centre for Change, we understand that investing in your health and well-being is a critical decision, and managing the cost should not stand in the way of accessing our services. That's why we offer 3rd party financing options to help make the payment process more manageable and less burdensome for our clients.

Why Consider Financing?

  • Immediate Access: Financing allows you to begin your treatment immediately without delay. This is crucial for those who need urgent care but may not have the full funds available upfront.
  • Spread the Cost: Instead of a lump sum payment, financing breaks down the cost into manageable monthly payments. This can help ease the financial pressure and allow you to focus more on your recovery without the added stress of a significant financial outlay.
  • Preserve Savings: By opting for financing, you can keep your savings intact for emergencies or other important needs, ensuring that you have financial security while undergoing treatment.
  • Access to Comprehensive Care: Financing can make more comprehensive and extended care options more accessible. It ensures that financial constraints do not limit your access to the best possible treatment plans.

Application Fee

Please note that there is a nominal application fee associated with processing your financing. This fee covers the administrative costs incurred during the application process and is required to secure your financing arrangement.

By choosing to finance your treatment at Metamorphosis, you’re taking a step towards recovery with flexible payment solutions tailored to your financial situation. If you have any questions about our financing options or the application process, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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