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Family Support Program for Drug & Alcohol Addiction

Substance addiction can be detrimental to individuals and their families. It can make family members feel isolated, misunderstood, and angry, threatening to splinter the family unit. When people with addiction need family support more than ever, the unfortunate outcome can be that they have lost their support system due to the addiction that they need to fight together.

At Metamorphosis, we understand the importance of banding families together to fight addiction as one. For this reason, we proudly offer personalized family support programs that help people prepare for what to expect when a loved one is fighting addiction. By empowering and educating the entire family, the person who is in our addiction treatment program can have a strong foundation to begin down the path to sobriety.

Healing & Supporting for Your Family

Therapy, safe housing, engaging activities, and learning about addiction and sobriety are crucial aspects of our recovery program. However, recovery can be much, much less stressful with family involvement, support, and compassion. If the stresses of addiction have damaged your family bonds, though, then it is important to consider how your family unit can be healed as you recover from addiction.

Metamorphosis helps families heal so that all members can feel like they have overcome addiction and can comfortably return to their daily lives. Family involvement is much more than sending care packages and making phone calls, though. There are important steps that need to be taken to fully heal a family unit – Metamorphosis will help you take those steps.

Healing steps that you can take to support a loved one in addiction treatments include:

  1. Educate yourself: It’s important to understand the nature of addiction. It’s a complex disease that affects both the body and mind. Learn about the specific addiction your loved one is dealing with, the treatment process, and what recovery entails. This knowledge will equip you to handle situations more effectively. Metamorphosis can provide you with the addiction education you should have to best support your loved one.
  2. Be emotionally supportive: Addiction recovery is often an emotional rollercoaster. Be there for your loved one, offering a listening ear, empathy, and encouragement. Let them know that you’re proud of their courage to seek help and assure them of your support throughout their journey.
  3. Encourage healthy habits: Recovery involves adopting a healthier lifestyle. Encourage your loved one to engage in regular physical activity, maintain a balanced diet, and get enough sleep.
  4. Maintain open communication: Ensure that you keep lines of communication open. Talk about their fears, challenges, and progress in treatment. However, avoid confrontational or judgmental discussions. The aim is to foster a safe space where they feel comfortable sharing.
  5. Attend family therapy sessions: At Metamorphosis, we can offer family therapy sessions that let you sit with your loved one and discuss how addiction has impacted the whole family, and what you can do together to recover.
  6. Set boundaries: While it’s crucial to support your loved one, it’s also important to set boundaries for your own well-being. Make it clear what behaviors you won’t tolerate and stick to those boundaries. It’s not being selfish; it’s necessary self-care.
  7. Stay patient: Recovery is a long process that often includes setbacks. Stay patient and remind your loved one that it’s okay to have bad days. What matters is their commitment to continue working toward recovery.

Family Support FAQ

Is it important to support family members in an addiction recovery program?

It’s important to support family members in an addiction recovery program
because addiction doesn’t just affect the individual battling it, but
also their family and friends. Support from loved ones can play a crucial
role in the recovery journey. Family members can provide emotional support,
encourage healthy habits, and help maintain open lines of communication.

Can substance addiction affect an entire family?

Addiction is not an isolated issue but a family disease that impacts everyone involved. The unpredictable and often destructive behaviors associated with addiction can create a chaotic and stressful environment, leading to strained relationships, financial difficulties, and emotional distress for all family members. Children in such households may feel neglected. Moreover, family members might develop codependency, where they unknowingly enable addictive behavior while trying to maintain balance in the household.

How long does a family support program last?

The duration of a family support program can vary significantly depending on the specific needs of the person in recovery and their family. Some programs might be short-term, lasting a few weeks or months, while others could be much longer. The frequency and length of sessions can also vary. It’s important to note that recovery is an ongoing process, and the need for family support doesn’t end when the formal program does.

Can people without close family get similar support from their friends instead?

Friends can play a crucial role in providing emotional support, encouragement, and accountability, especially for people who do not have any close family or relatives. They can participate in therapy sessions, help maintain a stable environment, and promote healthy habits. In many cases, friends can become chosen family, offering the love, understanding, and assistance that are so essential during the recovery process. It’s important to remember that the quality of support matters more than the source. A dedicated, empathetic friend can be just as effective, if not more so, than a biological family member in supporting someone through addiction recovery.

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